Hope you are all are getting the day off! Unless of course, you are a mama, and then you NEVER have a day off :). Anyway, in honor of all our laboring, here are a few home offices that really inspire me to get some work done!

dens/libraries/offices - desk office organization Ikea Expedit bookcases blue indigo ikat chair lamp shelves  desk

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dens/libraries/offices - West Elm Parson Desk Zebra Cowhide Rug acrylic lucite chairs white lamp black white photo gallery den office  Modern

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dens/libraries/offices - Ghost Chair Zebra Cowhide Rug wood bookshelf bookshelves clear white lamps white West Elm parson desk table seagrass ottoman brown white upholstered French accent chair

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dens/libraries/offices - purple rug gray silver wallpaper accent wall built-ins desk storage crystal chandelier attic office  Cute, small attic

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dens/libraries/offices - pink gray metallic pillow white panton chair white sawhorse desk bulletin board  Lisa Hilton  Fun office design with

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dens/libraries/offices - metallic gold ivory wallpaper walnut desk white chair turquoise blue accents round mirror office bedroom  The elegance

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I love that an office doesn’t have to take up an entire room. It can be at the end of a hallway, an attic, even in a closet! My office is in my kitchen, but truth be told I do most of my work sitting on my living room couch with my laptop. I’m pretty sure if I had anyone of these sweet little offices I’d never leave.

Does anybody out there have a home office they really love?


4 Responses to Happy Labor Day!

  1. Dotti Goldsmith says:

    Keri, in the first office picture, do you know where they found those covered baskets? I need some of those. I have baskets but none have covers. Genius idea!

  2. Alima says:

    I LOVE that first office! Definitely using that for inspiration when I redo my office/craft room. I second the covered baskets! Those are great!

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