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The power of color is completely transformative. It has ability to evoke drama, light, energy, or serenity into a space.  Color can be the foundation from which great design emerges or the single element that pulls all other finishes and objects together. It's easy to see why painting is the easiest and often most economical way to bring new life to your home.

Why hire a Color Consultant?

KP Spaces can take the guesswork out of finding your perfect color palette. After years of experience in working with a variety of manufacturers and hundreds of paint colors, we've honed in that "perfect white" and the "just right gray" that seem to work time and time again.

Interior Paint Consultation: We will create a custom color palette that reflects your personal style and home's natural beauty. Taking careful consideration of your homes architectural elements, natural light, furnishings and finishes, we'll find those colors that will unify and highlight each and every room. We'll also specify the sheen for each paint color ensuring the perfect level of light reflection and durability. 

Exterior Paint Consultation: Whether it be for resale value, or for your own enjoyment, your home's exterior paint color is a vital factor in it's overall appearance. It's important to find colors that work with your home's natural surroundings and neighboring homes as well express your personal style and taste. KP Spaces can help you find those perfect exterior colors you'll enjoy for years to come.

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